Anine started learning Bharata Natyam in April 1997 in her hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands. She studied for several years with Saskia Kersenboom who learned from Nandini Ramani, one of the principle disciples of the great dancer T. Balasaraswati.

Anine also learned from Jolanda Boejharat and from Malathi Iyengar. After studying with Nandini Ramani in Chennai and intensive training with Saskia Kersenboom in Tiruvarur, Anine did Gajjai Puja (First Performance) in October 2003.

Since then Anine has done many performances at schools, churches, libraries, Hindu temples, for Indian cultural organizations, and has been teaching children and adults since 2005.

Along with dance, Anine studies Carnatic (South Indian classical) music with K.G. Vijaykrishnan (veena), and with Josepha Cormack Vishwanathan (vocal). Anine continues her dance studies with Karen Elliott, one of Balasaraswati's advanced students in the US.

Anine Singh-de Grood recently moved to Upton, Massachusetts, and is available to teach Bharata Natyam dance lessons.


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