Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in Bharata Natyam lessons.

"Anine's teaching is a perfect combination rigor and encouragement. She is always telling us to "sit lower, relax your shoulders, make a fuller arc with your arm" and such to help us make the most graceful dance movements. But she is never short on praise for our efforts. Her enthusiasm is very contagious. Her knowledge, love and respect for the ancient art of Bharatanatyam are palpable. A class with her is a bright spot in my day (even week)." Prachi Deuskar

"Anine is a wonderful teacher.  She is able to encourage the kids to willingly participate and be engaged in the class.  Her instruction consists of just the right mix of correcting the kids when needed while making sure they are having fun in an appropriate way for their age level.  In her lesson she presents interesting facts and information while getting the kids to learn to dance by doing it themselves. The best testimony is the fact that the kids continued to dance the steps on their own way past the end of the lesson." Yael Gertner

"It was so much fun! You are a natural teacher. Looking forward to more!" Laurie Johnson


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